What every developer should know about authentication (part 1)

The problems you can face at the beginning of your career

As a beginner softwarer developer you probably don’t care much about certificates, private keys and other things related to security of your apps. You just stick to good old HTTP, make sure you didn’t forget to paste all of these weird --insecure --notls --ignore-certificate-errors --sure-i-want-free-bitcoins flags, skip all warnings… [Read More]

Hello, world!

Hooray! This is the very first blog post here! :tada:

My name is Jakub Baliński, and I’m the author of this blog. This place will become my “travel diary”, where I will share with you updates on my journey through the intricacies of computer science. It would be great if along the way, something I will have learned and written... [Read More]
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